Who is The Storyographer?

My name is Scott Valentine & I currently live in the beautiful west coast city of Vancouver.

I live to capture, preserve and share the stories of our lives in digital ink, film & song. I work tirelessly to reflect these passions in my life as a videographer, editor, photographer, graphic designer, content strategist, marketer, growth hacker, entrepreneur, songwriter, screenwriter, blogger and, most importantly, a husband and father. Other talents include cooking steak, singing from the heart and growing a kickass beard.

Here are 3 things that inspire me in my journey as a storyteller:


What inspires me?

The Web of Life

Why does this inspire me?

All things are inextricably bound into the evolution of a fragile community filled with infinite beginnings, middles and endings.


What inspires me?


Why does this inspire me?

The growth of relationships from the innocence of infancy through the discovery of youth, the joy of love & the living experience of wisdom.


What inspires me?


Why does this inspire me?

The one true universal language. Without border or rule. Can be explored & experienced but never ruled. Can be felt without being heard.

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What is marketing?

There are a million different ways to sell an apple, but how do you get that small piece of fruit into the hands of the right person at the right time? When 81% of consumers are researching online before making a purchase, why should anyone care about your company? Welcome to the cutthroat world of marketing in the digital age.

Because competition for attention is being coveted by every marketer, advertiser, parent, friend, aunt, cousin, neighbour and long-lost schoolmate on the face of the planet, positioning your products and services takes targeted keyword research, competitive analysis, content strategy and continuous execution to deliver sales.

And that's the whole reason marketing exists - to help you sell your fruit.

Where once you only needed a barrel or a crate to bring those apples to market, today's offerings cannot survive without a long-term digital marketing strategy. To maintain market relevance your products and services need to be optimized and advertised so that they can be easily accessed and discovered during this time of personal online search and social investigation.

Be an industry leader

You need to be agile enough to adapt to cultural shifts and technological advances but steadfast in your brand position and consistent in your messaging. 

Get to know your customers. Discover their pain points and offer solutions, tips, insights and guides to ease them. Be useful.

By delivering answers to their most pressing questions you nurture affinity and build appreciation, establishing your brand to be relevant, reliable and desirable.


What is branding?

Most times people hear the term branding and they instantly think of a company's logo. This is great if your company is able to establish a recognizable visual identity that people can recall immediately and (hopefully!) affectionately but a logo is not a brand. It's a graphic representation that reflects the unique personality, positioning and messaging of your business.

Buying is emotional

As well-informed and review savvy as modern consumer has become, the sales process is still ultimately driven by good old fashioned human emotion. Buying is not a rational process, it's an emotional one.

People want to see themselves reflected in your company; in their lifestyle, their values and in the image of themselves they want to present to the world.

A great brand helps people tell their story because at the end of the day it helps them feel something.

How does your company achieve this?

Inspire them, move them and help them feel that by identifying with your brand they are indeed a part of something special. 

  • Create an emotional story people can connect to. These emotional connections create a sense of awe and inclusion.
  • Build meaning into your company. What makes your brand loveable?
  • Provide relevant information to people searching for answers in your industry. Establish your company as a thought leader by sharing valuable insights.
  • Earn your reputation as a dependable, trustworthy source of relevant insights and build lasting relationships with your customers, creating brand evangelists and social equity.


What is web design?

Do I need to explain web design? I didn't think so. Let's proceed.

Your website should be marketing for you

You can't just put up a website and expect immediate results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't something you do once and forget about but rather a maintenance skill of web relevance you learn and deliver consistently over time. A strategically optimized website will organically generate web traffic and capture prospective customers. Integrated with a content strategy for guiding those leads down through the sales funnel, you'll find yourself at the helm of a well-oiled marketing machine

Responsive. Modern. Optimized. Relevant. Content.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And most definitely, yes.

The good news is that I can help you achieve all of it. And more.

What is social media?

What people used to call customer service has now been coined "social media" because instead of writing a letter or placing a call to a business you can now voice any and all opinions on their products and services online for the whole world to see. 

It's become the great equalizer for consumers, shifting the balance of power away from businesses and corporations and putting them squarely in the driver's seat of the brand experience. Customers used to be at the whim of marketers and advertisers who now madly scramble to get 30 seconds of our precious time and undivided attention.

I'm a great proponent of the power to socialize our brand experiences with one another. It gives us a community to engage with and share our inspiration and excitement as much as it provides a safe refuge to vent and forewarn others of bad products and shoddy services.

For goodness sake be social! 

Your brand is like a person. Use it's unique personality to talk with your online friends, not at them.

For brands who have taken to exploring the various social platforms to connect with and engage their targeted audiences, it's a delicate balancing act to deliver the following 3 fundamentals: 

  • Utility: Original or curated content & insights that help customers & prospects understand how to use a company's products/services.
  • Entertainment: Original or curated content that evokes emotional responses and builds brand affinity.
  • Service: A 24hr year-round open conversation that helps them answer questions or resolve issues with a company's products/services.

I should outsource my social media...

No. You should not. 

Needing help developing a strategy and building your social profiles is one thing, but this is your business. This is your brand. You need to speak on its behalf or at the very least have someone from within your organization who can be responsible for providing that voice, sourcing relevant company content and serving your unique online and offline communities.

What my clients are saying...

"I had the pleasure of working with Scott closely over the last 18 months. I own Heritage Masonry, a stone masonry company based in Victoria. Scott worked as a consultant initially, helping me work towards a logo and full rebranding. Scott helped me realize what that was and then brought it into realization.

He then built me a website from scratch, including all of the photo's. I am extremely satisfied with the results and the process, Scott is knowledgeable and adaptable. He has walked me through every step of rebranding, I have t-shirts, yard signs, pens, flyers, a book, a logo and a website.

Please see my website for examples of his work. 

I can unreservedly recommend Scott and look forward to working with him in the future."

- Gavin Chamberlain, Owner/Operator at Heritage Masonry

"I am very pleased to send a reference for Scott Valentine's web design, photography, brochures, business cards and marketing networks. I hired Scott to do it all for me, as I had seen his beautiful presentation & elegant cards, illustrating his company: 'The Living Experience'.

I designed a home on Sproat Lake 2 years ago, with the intention of a year-round vacation rental to supplement my income & share this beautiful property with others. Scott listened to my family history, & understood that my heart is here. He developed an elegant website which I will refer you to: Serenity-Woods.com. He took amazing photographs of the beach property, & each room of the rental suite. I hope he can show you the brochure & business card he had produced for me. I give them out proudly, & everyone thinks they are wonderful.

I am so pleased by everything Scott has done for my business. He developed it all & my website is very active. I am totally booked for the summer. I recommend him very highly."

 - Bet Broome, Owner/Operator at Serenity Woods

"I first met Scott Valentine approximately 6 years ago through a mutual friend. Scott was telling me at the time about his Living Experience venture and I thought what a great idea. I elected to see what this was about so Scott did an HD video about myself and I was blown away not only by the quality of the production but his dedication putting together a quality final final product. I liked his work so much that I hired him to do some HD videos promoting my business. These videos are still on my website today and I receive many compliments on them. Scott is a very personable guy and it was a pleasure dealing with him through the entire process."

- Howie Mace, Owner/Operator at Howie's Car Corral

"I originally hired Scott to simply provide some feedback on our website at the time. While my website improved dramatically, it was his passion and vision for corporate storytelling that transformed my entire business for the better. The best thing about Scott is that while he provided numerous phenomenal products and services, he also equipped me with the tools to succeed by enabling me to tell my own story in the future. 

Scott has not only transformed my business, but he has given me a glimpse into the future. I suggest you get on board with him quickly."

- Steve Hof, Owner/Operator at Sauce Restaurant & Lounge